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Curved Blinds or Flat Blinds?

When it comes to choosing window blinds, homeowners are presented with an array of choice. After deciding which type of window blind to install into their home, it then comes down to size, colour, design and everything in between. Amongst all of these design options, homeowners must also choose whether to install curved blinds or flat blinds. In their latest blog post, Elite Blinds UK explain the main difference between curved blinds and flat blinds and offer guidance as to which type is best for your home.

Curved Blinds

When down, curved blinds are designed to completely shut out light from a room. With the curved slats, which are usually crafted from plastic, the blinds form a completely flat surface, leaving no gaps between the slats, this shutting light out of a room completely.

Flat Blinds

Usually crafted out of wood, flat blinds allow a small amount of light to seep into a room. As the slats are flat, the way they form when the blinds are rolled down means there are small gaps between each slat, and this is when the light is allowed into the room.

Which Blinds Are Right for Me?

If you are in a part of the world that is particularly sunny, you may wish to have a mixture of flat and curved blinds in your home. For your bedroom, it is advised to have curved blinds, so that you can completely black the room out and create a perfect environment for sleeping. If, however, you have a conservatory or a room that is particularly suited to light, wooden blinds can provide some respite from the sun, while still allowing light into your home.

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