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The Best Blinds for Privacy

There are various styles of blind on the market today and each of them offers a different level of privacy and block out a different level of light.

Here at Elite Blinds (UK) Ltd, we offer a wide variety of window blinds, helping you to tailor your level of privacy whether you live by a main road or are overlooked by other houses. In our latest blog, we discuss some of the most popular blind styles and the level of privacy they will offer.

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are typically made from a thicker material than traditional roller blinds, and can also come in blackout options. Whilst Roman blinds can block out a sufficient amount of light, they must be pulled up to let light into a room, meaning nothing will be blocking the section of the window you have revealed by opening the blind.

To counteract this, you may choose a double roller blind that has a blackout option, as well as a sheer panel that provides privacy, whilst also letting in natural light.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds can be angled to your requirements, still letting in natural light, but blocking others outside from seeing in. Venetian blinds will not block all light from entering a room as tiny holes are required to allow the chords to flow through the slats.

Similarly, vertical blinds can be specifically angled to your requirements, but will not block all light.


Shutters are great for privacy and block out light extremely well. Shutter slats can be angled accordingly and look great in both traditional and modern homes, making them an extremely popular choice.

Elite Blinds (UK) Ltd

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