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Vertical Blinds Manchester - Elite Blinds

Elite Blinds UK supply and fit the finest quality vertical blinds throughout Manchester, Blackburn and across the local region. If you are looking for blinds which are simply stylish and which will make the perfect addition to a modern home with contemporary décor, then we recommend that you consider investing in a product from our range of vertical blinds.

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"The style and practicality of Vertical blinds"

Vertical blinds are often chosen as a modern alternative to the traditional net curtains. Becoming increasingly popular in the modern household, they offer ease of use, privacy control, and sleek design. The vanes can simply be tilted at different angles to adjust incoming light or completely closed for extra privacy. At Elite Blinds we provide a vast range of fabric types ranging from neutral to bold colours and designs to suit any room decor. They can also be co-ordinated with other types of blinds to create a uniform look for any home or office.

At Elite Blinds we offer quality headrail systems available in white, champagne, gloss black, brushed silver and brown. All our vanes are ultra sonic welded to give a neater finish as opposed to stitched vanes supplied by most of our competitors. They can also be supplied for curved bay windows or for sloping and awkwardly shaped windows where it would not normally be possible to install other types of blinds.

Venetian Blinds in Blackburn

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"Our venetian blinds collection is a diverse, up to the minute mix of bold bright colours, contemporary patterns, cool metallics, earthy tones and gorgeous shimmer effects"

Venetian blinds remain a very popular choice of blind for many customers. They offer precise light control and versatility and can be angled to filter light from different angles or simply pulled up completely to open up the view from the window. Their sleek unobtrusive design can be used in homes, conservatories or commercial locations. Whether you are looking for a bold statement blind for your home or a more neutral colour range to blend in with its surroundings we can find the right colour for you. Venetian blinds come in four different slat widths, 15mm, 25mm, 35mm and 50mm.

Metal venetians can also be fitted in a Perfect Fit frame to fit snugly inside uPVC window frames. This system is ideal for sealed unit double glazing as the blinds fit seamlessly between the glass and beading, with no need for drilling or screws. They are also ideal for conservatories, tilt n' turn windows or even back doors as you can open your windows without having to pull up the blinds first. If you are considering venetian blinds for your Blackburn home, we recommend that you contact us today.

Faux Wood Venetian Blinds

"Our Expressions collection is sure to appeal to those who love the idea of real wood but actually prefer the practicality and smooth, consistent grain of faux wood"

Wood is a natural material therefore variation in grain and shade are inherent characteristics of the product. Faux wood venetians offer a consistent, uniform look free from the more irregular knots and grain that can appear in real wood.

Faux wood venetian blinds are available in three slat widths - 38, 50 and 63mm and a wide range of colours. Our faux wood blinds are an economical and practical way to get the look of wood blinds but with all the benefits of PVC.

Wood Venetian Blinds

"Sleek, chic and stylish, wood venetian blinds have achieved design classic status"

Wood Venetians provide a luxurious alternative to conventional metal blinds. When privacy and light control are the number one issue, venetians are perfect as their slats can be tilted to create light, airy spaces during the day or an ambient, cosy room at night. And the beauty of real wood brings in the relaxing aura of the great outdoors and adds warmth and texture to your scheme. This is why painted wood has become so popular as we try to lighten up our homes with pale colours.

Complementary or contrasting tape provides an extra point of interest to your blinds and softens the overall effect for a luxurious finish. It's also an easy way to recreate the appearance of a shutter. Choose from 4 slat widths - 25, 35 and 50 and 63mm.

Elite Wood Venetian Blinds

  • Elite Wood 1
  • Elite Wood 2

"Sleek and stylish, elite wood venetian blinds are our new design classic"

We have recently launched our own ELITE Wood Venetian Range. Choose from 4 slat widths 27, 35, 50 and 64 mm in a variety of colours:

  • Black and Black Gloss
  • White and White Gloss
  • Cream
  • Alabaster
  • Natural
  • Medium Oak
  • Walnut
  • Deep Wenge

Complementary or contrasting tape and optionals can be added to compliment.

Roller Blinds

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"Just beautiful roller blinds in an extensive range of colours and textures"

Roller blinds offer functionality combined with ease of use and practicality. They are available in a vast array of colours and designs and can be customised to suit any customer’s requirements. Roller blinds can offer a minimalist look in plain fabrics and finishes or can also provide a more luxurious look by adding special finishes, braids and poles to suit any room decor. Fabrics available range from sheer voile fabrics to heavy blackout fabrics and even PVC fabrics to suit installations in damp conditions such as bathrooms or kitchens. We also offer bespoke finishes made for those special and individual requirements to match or coordinate any interior design schemes.

Roman Blinds

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"Our roman blinds collection provides luxury and elegance"

Roman blinds offer the same functionality as a roller blind but create extra elegance with a softer and more luxurious feel. They can be operated using a cord and cleat or we can offer a deluxe version which can be chain operated. We offer a wide range of stunning fabrics from the more modern trends to traditional vintage designs. They can also be supplied with blackout linings for extra light control where required. Matching curtains and soft furnishings are also available on most design ranges to enhance your interior design needs.

Panel Blinds

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"Transform your space for modern living"

The versatile, contemporary way to control light, glare, view and privacy in domestic and commercial installations. The panel blind provides an innovative shading solution for larger windows and patio doors that looks fabulous in both contemporary and traditional settings. It also looks stunning as a room divider that can be used to great effect in creating new living spaces within a modern home.

When open, the panels go on top of each other neatly behind one another allowing all the light to enter your room. Sliding the panels into the closed position creates a unique fabric screen that provides light control and privacy. Available in a variety of colours, fabric prints, patterns and textures, panel blinds will transform the look of any room with their cultured and sophisticated appearance.

Pleated Blinds

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"Our pleated blinds filter the light beautifully and neatly fold away to give maximum control of light in your home"

Pleated blinds offer a neat and unobtrusive shading solution for all types of windows and are not just for conservatories. They are available in a huge range of colours, textures and designs to suit all customer requirements and are also available with solar reflective coatings to enhance insulation and light filtering properties.

Pleated blinds can also be fitted in a Perfect Fit frame to fit snugly inside UPVC window frames. This system is ideal for sealed unit double glazing as the blinds fit seamlessly between the glass and beading, with no need for drilling or screws. They're also ideal for conservatories, tilt n' turn windows or even back doors as you can open your windows without having to pull up the blinds first. Additionally they can be installed free hanging for windows or as roof blinds for conservatories.


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"Make Your Business Environment More Comfortable"

We have a great variety of blinds each designed to create a vibrant and professional work environment. Our huge range of blind types allows any workspace to be transformed into the perfect business space, whether it is the simplistic and formal approach achieved with vertical or roller blinds, or making a feature out of the room with our wide scope of wood venetians, we have a huge variety of blinds to match your needs and wants.

We can provide all types of fabric specifications, for example:

  • Blackout fabrics
  • Sun protective coatings
  • Dim out fabrics
  • Fire retardant fabrics
  • Energy saver fabrics
  • Anti-fungal coatings
  • Solar shade fabrics
  • Washable fabrics

Some types of blinds are also suitable for motorised operation.

Conservatory Blinds

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"Make the most of your conservatory. Our Conservatory blinds provide privacy and warmth and create totally new way of using your space"

Why not further enhance the impact of your conservatory? Cool and calm, contemporary and chic or warm and cosy, it’s incredible what the right roof blinds can bring to your conservatory. Our conservatory blinds are designed solely to add privacy, warmth and substance to your conservatory. Most commonly used are pleated blinds which fit discretely onto the window panels but provide great durability and give the window a new dimension. Many fabrics are available with sun protective coating (SPC) which offers protection against light and heat, helping to make a more comfortable environment in your conservatory.

If you are based in Manchester, Blackburn or elsewhere locally and are looking for vertical blinds, venetian blinds or another stylish blind design, contact Elite Blinds UK today.

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