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The Latest News from Elite Blinds UK

Cleaning Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds can make a stylish addition to many spaces, including both offices and homes. If you have had the pleasure of vertical blinds for a while and think they would benefit from a clean, keep reading. The latest post from Elite Blinds (UK) provides top tips for you to get your vertical blinds looking [...]

Cleaning Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are one of the most popular blinds in homes up and down the country. The way the material is gathered as they are pulled up into position provides an air of luxury to a room and interest to the window. Here at Elite Blinds, we offer Roman blinds in a wide range of [...]

How to Clean Venetian Blinds

If you’ve invested in blinds, you’ll want to keep them in the best condition so that they maintain their aesthetic appeal for years to come. In the latest post from Elite Blinds, we discuss the best way to clean Venetian blinds, keep reading for top tips. Metal Venetian Blinds The great thing about metal blinds [...]

A Guide to Window Blind Safety

Window blinds are an ever-popular way to dress windows in both domestic and public environments where children may have access to them. Being both practical and stylish, blinds come in a wide variety of colours and styles and are the “go to” option for many home and business owners. Blinds made from 2013 must comply [...]

Keeping Heat Inside Your Home

The cooler weather is now upon us after the long heatwave we experienced during the summer. Now is the perfect time to consider ways you can keep heat inside your home. By keeping more heat in, you can delay the amount of time until you turn your heating on decrease your energy bills significantly. In [...]

Home Decor: Moving into a New House

The urge to personalise your new home is not uncommon. Even if you move into a home that has been completely finished in terms of fittings and decoration, there may still be a plethora of things you wish to change in order to put your stamp of personalisation on the interior and exterior. Today, we [...]

Keeping Your Home Cool in Summer

This summer has been a scorcher. The hot has given us plenty of opportunities to get out in the sun and enjoy the long, light evenings. However, warm weather can also mean that our homes become too hot for comfort. Elite Blinds (UK) Ltd discuss top tips for keeping your home cool during the summer. [...]

Making a Good Impression

Home decor is highly personal and rightly so – no one wants to live inside a space that doesn’t feel like home. Here at Elite Blinds UK Ltd, we know a thing or two about adding personal touches to a space, coming together to create a great aesthetic. In today’s post, we discuss our top [...]

The Effects of Colour in Your Room

There’s no doubt about it, the colours presented in a room can not only change the atmosphere of the space, they can also change how you feel. In the latest blog post from Elite Blinds UK, we discuss the effects of colour in a room, helping you choose your perfect colour of blind. Whether you [...]