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3 Interior Tips For Small Living Spaces

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in many people working from home. But, with the evolution of houses in the UK becoming smaller, many of us are spending more time in compact spaces, especially with the current restrictions in place.

3 top tips for small living spaces

As we’re spending more time in smaller properties than ever before, it’s nice to have an interior space that’s functional as well as pretty. Ordinarily, these spaces worked for us. However, many of us share a house or an apartment with roommates or a partner, and sometimes it’s easy to feel like there is a lack of private space – especially if multiple people are working in the same space.


  1. Use room dividers in multifunctional spaces

One way to create more private space in your home is to use temporary room dividers; this works particularly well if your current space is open plan living. This means you can easily divide a room during working hours, and revert it back in the evenings or at the end of the work week.


  1. Utilise curtains or panel blinds

Another way that you can separate living space is using soft materials, for example investing in a high-quality curtain. There are so many different and lovely materials, patterns and colours to choose from too. Not only this, but a curtain will integrate well into your chosen decor.

If minimalist is more your thing, then you can utilise panel blinds. These are equally stylish and functional as well as great at dividing up your space.


  1. Bring the outdoors inside with plants 

To better manage a small space, consider bringing the outdoors in by adding some plants to your rooms. Not only does this create a great internal aesthetic, but it is a great way for you to enjoy the space more. Adding potted plants to a small space can enhance window sills and complete your inside furnishings. When plants are combined with Venetian blinds or Roman blinds this is a great combination.


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