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Why are they called ‘Roman Blinds’?

The origin of a name is fascinating to explore. As you may expect, the clue is in the name when looking into the history of ‘Roman Blinds’. This type of blind originated from Roman times.

Roman blinds are one of the most popular, fashionable and recognisable window coverings available today. It’s amazing to think that they’ve actually been around more than 2,000 years.

Were Roman Blinds invented by the Romans?

Yes, they were – Roman blinds originated from the peak of the Roman Empire over 2,000 years ago in Rome. As with many other household items created in ancient times, they were built out of necessity and for a specific function rather than fashion.

A Brief History of ‘Roman Blinds’

The invention of blinds was inspired by another impressive Roman invention: the road. Roman roads were renowned for their production of dust due to a lack of paving. This, along with the hot weather and horse-drawn carriages, generated a lot of dust. The solution was simple: keep homes dust-free and cool by covering the windows with pieces of dampened cloth.

Over time, this necessity to own window coverings evolved into more elaborate window blinds, as the desire to have impressive home decorations grew in popularity. Roman blinds became stylish homeware.

Drawstring mechanisms were added and attached to the slats, making it easy for the blinds to be lowered and raised. It also allowed people to control the amount of light and air entering their home.

The basic design of the Roman Blind has barely changed in more than 2,000 years; a testament to its innovative, simple, practical and effective style.

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