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Guide to Soft Furnishings

What are ‘Soft Furnishings’?

Soft furnishings are textiles or fabrics that are used in the home such as linens (table, bath and dish towels, shower curtains and other bathroom ensembles), sheets, pillowcases, mattresses, blankets, bedspreads, rugs and carpeting, curtains and upholstery fabrics.


Why use soft furnishings in your home decor?

By using soft furnishings in your home decor, they can help play a vital role in defining it as your place and adding to the overall appeal of the environment. They help bring together your dream home and allow for your house to be a reflection of you and your personality.


Choice of colour in all your soft furnishings

The colours of all your soft furnishings within a room must be coordinated and match the palette of the house, or room. Colours help provide ambience and influence the living space. For example, you want to select colours that suit the different functions and uses of certain rooms. Living rooms and dining room tend to be more active spaces compared to bedrooms which want to feel more private and relaxing.



Curtains are one of the most ideal home furnishings due to their wide range of purpose and functionality. Depending on the season, they keep a room cold or retain heat. They can block light while also adding personality and being incredibly decorative.


Upholstery Fabric

This can enhance beauty and purpose within your home. Colour is the biggest consideration and factor during furniture upholstery fabric selection. But, it is also important to consider durability, especially woven patterns. Some hold up longer than others. Upholstery fabric within the home must be easy to clean and weather-resistant if you decide to use it outdoors.



Arguably, one of the best parts of decorating your home. Cushions are fluffy, colourful, soft elements of joy. You can select as many as you want in different patterns, colours, textures, styles and sizes. Placement of your cushions is crucial, they can make a home look pristine or make it look cluttered and messy. Cushions can also be seasonal or you can change them depending on your mood. They are easy ways to freshen or liven up your home environment as well as provide additional comfort and back support.


Carpets & Rugs

Often overlooked, but selecting the right carpet for the right area is important. You must check the quality, cost and maintenance requirements. A stylish and beautiful carpet can improve the aesthetics of a room. Equally, a rug is a simple floor covering that is often made with a pattern or border, sometimes with or without a fringe.


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