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An image vertical blinds from Elite Blinds (UK), hanging in a dining room.

Cleaning Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds can make a stylish addition to many spaces, including both offices and homes. If you have had the pleasure of vertical blinds for a while and think they would benefit from a clean, keep reading. The latest post from Elite Blinds (UK) provides top tips for you to get your vertical blinds looking like new once again.

As vertical blinds hang downwards, they are less prone to holding dust, but that is not to say that they will not need freshening up after a while. In Fact, until you wash your vertical blinds, you may not realise how much dirt they may be holding.

If you only need to clean a certain part of your blind, you may decide to spot clean instead of washing the entire blind.

It is best to unclip the blind from the rail before you begin cleaning, as you run the risk of creasing the fabric as you clean the spot with a damp cloth. As mentioned, it can be difficult to tell when your blinds need cleaning so you may find that the area of the blind you have cleaned looks slightly lighter than the rest of the blind. If this occurs, you will need to wash the entire blind to match the colour.

Many vertical blinds are created from machine-washable fabrics, but be sure to check that yours is before you wash them.

To machine wash your blinds, unclip them from the rail and remove the weights at the bottom of the blind. To keep your blinds from tangling, you can roll them up into a loose roll and place a loose band around each blind. Now you can place the vertical blind slats in a pillowcase. Make sure to wash your blinds at the correct temperature and do not use a spin cycle to dry.

Once you have removed your blinds from the washing machine, place them back onto the rail and replace the bottom weights. Now you can let the blinds dry naturally. The vertical position should prevent any creases from occurring.

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