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The Latest News from Elite Blinds UK

Adding Personality to a Room

Whether you have recently moved into your new home or are looking to update the style of an existing space, it can be easy to focus on all of the practical elements of a room, forgetting to add your own mark of style and personality. In the latest blog post from Elite Blinds UK, we [...]

Curved Blinds or Flat Blinds?

When it comes to choosing window blinds, homeowners are presented with an array of choice. After deciding which type of window blind to install into their home, it then comes down to size, colour, design and everything in between. Amongst all of these design options, homeowners must also choose whether to install curved blinds or [...]

The Benefits of Window Blinds

Like many other features of our homes, window blinds have been a staple part of furniture for many years, but what exactly do they offer to our abodes? In their latest blog post, Elite Blinds UK outline the many benefits of introducing window blinds and shades into your home. 1. They Keep the Heat in [...]

The Myths Behind Window Blinds & Shades

Despite being one of the most common features in any home, window blinds and shades have been plagued with a number of myths and legends which slander their reputation. In their latest blog, Elite Blinds UK tackle some of the most pressing concerns surrounding window blinds and shades and shatter each and every myth. They’re [...]

Which Blinds And Shades Are Perfect For Your Home?

From street to street, town to town, country to country, every home is completely different. Depending on tastes, requirements and location, homes are tailored and crafted to suit the exact needs of the homeowner, and a major part of this plan is finding the perfect blinds and shades, but how do you find the right [...]

The Best Blinds For Autumn and Winter

As the blue skies make way for a greyer shade, it is time to batten down the hatches and prepare for the colder months. This list of the best blinds for autumn and winter will help you shut out the cold and create a warm and cozy hideaway for when the damp and the bleak [...]

The Complete Guide to Cleaning Blinds

Like most objects in your home, window blinds are no exception to a spring clean. Yet, depending on which type of blinds reside in your home, you may wish to clue yourself up on just how to wash them. Thankfully, Elite Blinds UK have provided a full, comprehensive guide to cleaning blinds of all shapes [...]

Why are blinds better than curtains?

If you’re thinking about buying new blinds or curtains for your windows but aren’t sure which would work best for you, you might want to keep reading… we’re going to be answering one of the questions we get asked most often; “Why are blinds better than curtains?” You have more choice of styles Whether you [...]