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The Complete Guide to Cleaning Blinds

Like most objects in your home, window blinds are no exception to a spring clean. Yet, depending on which type of blinds reside in your home, you may wish to clue yourself up on just how to wash them. Thankfully, Elite Blinds UK have provided a full, comprehensive guide to cleaning blinds of all shapes and sizes.

For most blinds, the cleaning process is relatively straightforward. Filling a bucket with warm, soapy water and smoothing them over with a rag will be the only real treatment that the majority of blinds will require. Drying them off with a dry cloth and spot cleaning them will finish the job, making this a quick and easy chore.

Cleaning blinds made from vinyl and aluminium respond best to this treatment. As they are made from a dry wipe material, you should not have to exert too much energy cleaning these sets of blinds.

For cleaning blinds thoroughly and getting rid of any smoke residue or light stains, the process can be a little more arduous.

To get the best results when cleaning fabric blinds, the first step you will want to take is vacuuming them to remove any dust particles. Then, fill a bathtub with warm water and add washing detergent and mix the water until it appears soapy and bubbly. Hand wash the blinds and spot clean them to remove any tougher marks.

When they have soaked for long enough and the blinds appear cleaner, rinse them well and hang them out to dry. Although this process might be significantly longer than cleaning blinds made from other materials, this will result in an almost brand new finish.

Fabric is the only type of blind which may need to be taken down from the window to be cleaned. As a rule of thumb, cleaning blinds, for the most part, consist of vacuuming them if necessary and wiping them down with a slightly damp cloth.

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