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bathroom blind

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Bathroom Blind

The bathroom is a room of the house we use every day, but when it comes to decor, it can often get overlooked.

This year, treat your bathroom to a new blind, you may be surprised by the difference it can make in your space. In today’s post, we take a look at some of the considerations you must make when purchasing a new bathroom blind.

Let in the Light

Bathrooms are often one of, if not the, smallest room in a home. Consequently, you’ll need to consider how you can let light into the space to stop it from feeling cramped. Light coloured blinds, such as cream or white are the best option for keeping the space bright. Options such as faux wood Venetian blinds will also allow you to control the amount of privacy you have and where the light is directed in the room.


Bathroom windows are often frosted on account of privacy, but the style of window you have and what your bathroom windows look out onto could affect the window blind you opt for.

In some cases, semi-transparent roller blinds will be the perfect option; they let in a good amount of natural light, even when fully closed and offer some privacy. It should be noted this style of blind does not provide complete privacy and onlookers may be able to see in at night when the bathroom light is on. Consequently, this type of blind works best in home that is not overlooked, or with a fully frosted window.

Moisture build-up

Naturally, there will be a build-up of moisture in your bathroom, and choosing the wrong style of blind for the space could result in stains or a buildup of mould.

The amount of moisture that your bathroom will harbour will depend on various factors, including the size of the room, how often it is used and the ventilation available. If your bathroom window is positioned next to your bath or shower, you may want to consider investing in a blind that is made from materials such as PVC, vinyl, aluminium or faux wood, as they are easy to wipe clean and dry.

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