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An image of two separate shutter blinds, one open and one closed.

Why Have Shutters Proved so Popular?

Not so long ago, every stylish home appeared to have shutters, and the trend has continued to grow. Now making its mark as a long-standing must-have for many homeowners, shutters have proven they can stand the test of time in the modern world, but what makes them so popular? We take a look at some of the many advantages provided by shutters in our latest post, keeping reading.

Balance of Aesthetics

Shutters date back to the 18th century, and although they have been updated to suit modern living, they maintain their traditional charm. This vintage aesthetic is combined with a clean line appearance and modern colours to strike the elusive balance of traditional charm and contemporary elegance.

It is rare for home accessories to fit in both modern and traditional living spaces and the fact that shutters do this so well means that are often kept through various decor updates or new homeowners.

Light Control

Shutters have excellent light control and can be operated individually so that if the sun is shining in one window, the shutter can be closed, but the others are left open.

Additionally, the slats on shutters may be positioned at various angles to tailor the level of light and privacy available.

Easy to Clean

Shutters may be made using a variety of materials, but most commonly, wood. Wooden shutters are easy to clean with a damp cloth or a dry duster, unlike fabric blinds.

Colour Options

Whilst white shutters are arguably the most commonly seen, shutters come in a wide range of colour-ways to enable you to tailor the aesthetics of the shutters.

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