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Home Decor: Moving into a New House

The urge to personalise your new home is not uncommon. Even if you move into a home that has been completely finished in terms of fittings and decoration, there may still be a plethora of things you wish to change in order to put your stamp of personalisation on the interior and exterior. Today, we discuss home decor and the things you can change relatively quickly that make a big difference.

Window Dressing

Think about your own street – you’re probably used the window dressings your neighbours have without even realising it. If one of your neighbours was to change from nets to blinds, you’d probably realise. If you’re eager to put your mark on your home, changing the style of window dressing left by the previous occupants can make a big difference to the aesthetics of both the interior and exterior.


Of course, it is your furniture and accessories that are going to make the biggest difference to the appearance of your new home.

Before moving in, remember to take measurements or at the very least, photographs of the space so that you can visualise where you will put your furniture. By doing this, you will know exactly where to place your goods come moving day, allowing you to efficiently unpack each room.


A lick of fresh paint can go a long way in updating the appearance of your home. Whether you are painting the front door, brightening up a ceiling or covering scuffs on a skirting board, the difference is often impressive.

It’s always handy to have a pot of white paint stored away and you may find this comes in useful, especially if moving goods in and out of the house causes scuff marks or chips.

Elite Blinds (UK)

We want to help make your house a home and provide a wide range of window blinds, soft furnishings and curtain pole finials to help you personalise each aspect of your home.

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