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An image of Venetian blinds installed at a window to keep the sun light out.

Keeping Your Home Cool in Summer

This summer has been a scorcher. The hot has given us plenty of opportunities to get out in the sun and enjoy the long, light evenings. However, warm weather can also mean that our homes become too hot for comfort. Elite Blinds (UK) Ltd discuss top tips for keeping your home cool during the summer.

Keep The Heat Out

A great deal of unwanted heat can come through your windows. By keeping your blinds closed, it is suggested that you can block out around 30% of heat from your home and significantly lower the temperature of your inside space.

In addition to closing your blinds, investing in blackout curtains may also help you to keep cool. Choosing these in neutral shades should help minimize the amount of heat the hold.

Let The Air Circulate

As the night draws in, be sure to capitalise on the cooler weather and open windows and doors to allow the fresh air to circulate your home.

Night Time

During the hot weather, many people find it difficult to sleep. To help you keep cool, try filling a water bottle with cold water and freezing it, ready to place next to your feet when you sleep.

If your room feels exceptionally hot, you may wish to slightly dampen your sheets with cold water, or placing a cold water bottle underneath your pillow.

Window Dressings

Here at Elite Blinds UK (UK) Ltd, we stock a wide variety of window dressings to suit the style of your home. Whether you are looking for vertical blinds, Venetian blinds, shutter blinds or soft furnishings to complement your interior, we welcome you to contact us. Browse our vast collection today. To find out more, please call 01254 674 263 or send your enquiry through our online contact form.