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An image of a neutral coloured blind in a home.

The Effects of Colour in Your Room

There’s no doubt about it, the colours presented in a room can not only change the atmosphere of the space, they can also change how you feel. In the latest blog post from Elite Blinds UK, we discuss the effects of colour in a room, helping you choose your perfect colour of blind.

Whether you have recently renovated a room in your home, moved house or simply wish to update the window dressings you currently have, changing the colour of your blind is a great way to update the space or even add a splash of colour. But, what colour should you opt for? Let’s take a look:


Blue is often associated with feelings of calmness and can be a great choice for a bedroom blind. Alternatively, you may decide to keep your window dressings neutral for a uniform appeal around your property but add in this serene colour in the form of soft furnishings and accessories.


Purple is known for being the colour of creativity. Being a balance of both stimulating red and calm blue, the colour purple is said to help promote creativity and may be best suited for play areas. On the contrary, however, light purple (or lilac) is said to promote feelings of peacefulness.


Yellow is the brightest colour of the spectrum and most noticeable to the human eye. Typically, it is associated with happiness and positivity, but too much yellow can often be a sensory overload for some. Consequently, adding a splash of vibrant colour to your room in the form of yellow is the perfect way to play with this colour throughout your home.

Here at Elite Blinds UK, we provide a wide range of blinds, varying in style and colour – what’s more, we can even match the colour of your blind using our RAL colour matching technology. If you would like more information regarding our wide range of products, we welcome you to contact us. Please call today on 01254 674263 or fill out our online contact form and we’ll be in touch shortly.