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An image of the outside of a house.

Making a Good Impression

Home decor is highly personal and rightly so – no one wants to live inside a space that doesn’t feel like home. Here at Elite Blinds UK Ltd, we know a thing or two about adding personal touches to a space, coming together to create a great aesthetic. In today’s post, we discuss our top tips for making that all important first impression.

Window Dressing

If you have just moved into a new property, you’ll typically be putting your focus on the inside space, rather than the outside. However, the window dressings you invest in can make a great difference to both aspects of the property.

If your front garden space is limited, your window dressings are just one of the few ways that you can immediately change this space so that it differentiates from the previous owner’s style and marks your stamp of personality.

Front Door

Have you ever considered how much your front door can change the appearance of your entire property? Whether you want something sleek and modern, a bold colour or a vintage style, you’re giving passers-by and guests a hint of your interior style and what they can expect to see on the inside of your property.


If you’re lucky enough to have a big garden space that you enjoy taking care of, this is where great personalisation can be made. Whether you use stones for minimal upkeep and decorate the space with potted plants, or put down grass and create a border of plants so that you can incorporate colour whilst still having a green space, the possibilities are endless. Hanging pots and water features can also provide you with another opportunity to express your creativity.

Elite Blinds UK Ltd

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